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Perfect for gift-giving or as a fun activity with friends and family

Premium components

High-quality materials included for a luxurious candle-making experience


Safe and non-toxic ingredients for peace of mind


Makes 6 candles, providing great value for the price

"Great Beginner's Kit!...It came pretty quickly, and included all the pieces to make 6 candles. The instructions were easy to follow...Candle making is so easy and looking forward to making more! They provide two fragrance oils that definitely make more pleasant scents than the standard lavender or citrus oils in other kits. I'm quite a fan of the lime basil mandarin scent. Highly recommend!" - Marie Lauigan

"Comes out exactly as advertised and
makes a great gift...Not only were the instructions extremely easy and straightforward, but the quality of the tools and materials was also excellent. We had a lot of fun making the candles and they turned out perfectly. Would definitely recommend this kit to anyone looking to get into candle making or as a great gift idea!" - Kaloyan Kostov


"Stellar results and on point customer service...This kit is so cute and the non consumables can be reused for future melts. I made 6 perfect candles and the scent throw (cold and hot) is on point so far for the 3 I’ve tested. Follow the instructions, pay close attention to your temps...and you should be golden regardless of skill level; this was my first melt and I couldn’t be happier with the results." - Kelsey d.

Frequently Asked Questions

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