How to care for your candle

3 quick tips for a better candle performance

Tip 1 - Let the candle burn 2-3 hours when you light it 

Make sure to burn the candle for about 2-3 hours when you first light it. This will ensure that the wax is melted to the edge and prevent what is called “tunneling.” Tunneling will create a hole, and each time you light it, the hole will become deeper. Tunneling reduces the lifespan of the candle and the visual appearance. 

Tip 2 - Don’t blow out the candle

When you blow out the candle, it can create smoke, and small sparks can be released into the air. Instead, you can use the lid of the candle, a spoon, or a candle snuffer to snuff out the candle. 

Tip 3 - Remember to trim the wick 

Trim the wick down to between ⅛ and ¼ inch before you light the candle again to ensure a clean burn. Trimmed wicks are also less likely to take a “mushroom shape”.