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Article: Can I use an alternative container for my candle?

Can I use an alternative container for my candle?

Can I use a different container than the ones that come with the candle making kit?

Really? :) Sure you can. We love that you experiment and be creative. If you find a different container to use, please make sure that it is safe to use for candles. Then use the steps below to figure out how much wax you need. 

By filling the container with water and measuring the fluid volume of water it takes to fill the container we can figure out the amount of wax needed. The density of soy wax is about 90% of that of water. See steps and examples below: 


  1. Fill the container with water similar to how you want the wax to fill the container. 
  2. Fill the water from the container over in a measuring cup and read the fluid volume measure. Round up to the nearest 10 ml. 
  3. Multiply the fluid volume of the water with 0.9 to get the weight of the wax needed to fill the container. 


  1. We have a glass jar that we want to use as a candle. First, we fill it with water up to the wax fill line. We don’t want to fill the jar all the way up, but about 90%. 
  2. Then we pour the water from the glass jar into a measuring cup. We read  270 ml of water. 
  3. We multiply 270 ml with 0.9 (g/ml) and find that we would need 243 gram (about 8,6 ounces) of wax. 

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