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Article: How much wax to use for one candle?

How much wax to use for one candle?

How much wax to use for one candle is depending on the volume of the candle container. We have made a small guide for you that should help you measure the right amount of wax.

If you are using our kit we recommend using 1,5 bags of wax or measure 12 oz of wax for 3 candles - one candle of each size (8 oz, 6 oz and 4 oz). 

However, if you want to experiment with only one candle at the time or different sized candle jars we are ready to guide you through that as well. 

The table below shows the weight of wax we recommend per size of our candle tins:

Candle Tin Size

Weight of wax needed (oz.)

Weight of wax needed (g)

8 oz

5.3 oz 

154 g

6 oz 

4 oz 

115 g

4 oz

2.7 oz 

75 g


If you want to use a different type of candle container than the one we have included in our candle making kit this is fully possible. We have made a short article about that here.

We have also made a wax calculator that you can download for FREE. This is a super resource to easily calculate both how much wax and how much fragrance oil or essential oil you would need for one candle. Just click the link below to get access:
candle making calculator to calculate how much wax and fragrance oil to use in a candle


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