How to prepare your work space for candle making

You have received your candle making kit (hopefully this one from us :)), and now you are ready to make your beautiful handmade candles. Get organized and prepared for making your scented candles with this mini-guide. 

What is needed in your candle-making workspace:

  • Access to a heat source for heating and melting the candle wax. We recommend using a double boiler arrangement on an electrical stovetop. The heat will be distributed more evenly and it is easier to manage the wax temperature.
  • The ideal ambient temperature for candle making is between 66℉ and 77℉ (19℃ and 25℃).
  •  Ventilation. Open a window or use a fan over the stovetop to keep air moving. 
  • Access to paper towels to wipe off any spilled wax if needed. 

Before you get started, we recommend unpacking all components and organizing them on a table so that you have easy access and overview during the candle-making process. 

One pro tip is to use the bubble wrap that came with the pitcher as a base for the candle tins. The bubble wrap will insulate the candle tins from a cold worktop and serve as a cover for any wax spill during the pouring.

Read here for the step-by-step instructions for making your homemade candles.