Candle Tins With Lids for Candle Making - 12 PCS 8oz - Gold

  • MAKE CANDLES IN STYLE - With these elegant seamless candle tins in gold from Scandinavian Candle Co., you can rest assured that your candles will stand out and impress. Seamless construction and with an easy-to-use slip-on lid. 
  • DESIGNED FOR CANDLE MAKING - Our candle vessels have a safety profiled bottom that keeps the surface cool as recommended by the National Candle Association. Important for candle makers and will keep customers happy and safe. 
  • GUIDE FOR CENTERING THE WICK - Getting the wick to stay in the candle container center is essential to avoid tunneling and make the candle burn evenly. Our candle tins have a raised wick tab outline to help you easily center the wick. 
  • MEASURES - Height = 5.5 cm, Diameter = 8 cm, Diameter for safety label = 7.6 cm, wick tab = 2 cm, wax weight to fill line = 5 oz, volume to overflow = 8 oz. 

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