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Article: How to clean the candle making equipment?

How to clean the candle making equipment?

You have just poured your candles and are waiting for them to cure. Now it is time to clean the pitcher and thermometer. Here we will shortly go through what we usually do in our Scandinavian Candle Co. workshop after making a batch of candles. 

NB! Don't pour any wax down your sink as this could cause clogging.

If there is any extra wax left in the candle pouring pot after the last candle, we pour the excess wax into a paper cup and let it cool until the wax solidifies. After that, we dispose of it. In some cases where we know that we will make new batches with the same wax and fragrance oil quite soon, we pour it into a plastic container and reuse it next time for the same candle receipt.

If the wax has already hardened, you may heat the pitcher in the double boiler until the wax softens, then pour it into the paper cup. An alternative method is to heat the candle-making pitcher with a heat gun to melt the wax.

While the wax is still in a liquid state, it is straightforward to clean the candle pouring pot. Use a paper towel or a cloth and wipe off any excess wax inside. Wash gently with hot water and soap. If you want to remove traces of candle scents or candle dye, you can use rubbing alcohol to wipe it down and get ready for your next batch of homemade candles.

If there is wax left on the candle thermometer, we usually attach it to the pitcher and reheat both at the same time. Usually, the wax left on the thermometer melts very fast, and then we use a paper towel and hot soapy water to clean this as well. 

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