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Article: DIY Candle Photography Tips for Candle Makers

DIY Candle Photography Tips for Candle Makers

DIY Candle Photography Tips for Candle Makers

Creating a scene for your photoshoot may seem a bit overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Here are some tips for you to help you create lovely scenes and that perfect shot with ease: 

Look around you for props.

You probably have everything you need sitting right next to you—examples: vase, books, bowls, magazine, cup, green flower/cacti Etc. Taller elements like a vase or flowers are great options for backdrops and to create amazing settings! Tiles, larger pieces of stone or wood, work great as a base for your images.

Use natural lighting

Make sure you set up your scene where there is enough natural light. Lack of light is your number one mistake you are making when getting those stunning photos. Pay attention to the time when and where the sun hits your home. Different rooms of your house may offer different qualities of light! Shooting in direct sunlight might be a little tricky, so choose a location that offers a bit of both sun and shadow, creating that special moment of perfect ambient light.

Spice up with some extra props. 

When you have chosen one element, think of other props with the same style and color theme to add to your scene for extra depth in your photo. Work with elements to add texture to your image.

Find your background

Should it be a colored background or a white background? Backdrops can easily be made of some thick paper and some paint. Purchase small try-out samples of paints! For a more texturized backdrop choose tablecloths of linen or other natural fabrics to create those softer pictures. If you’re looking for a luxe vibe to your photo, small pieces of shiny fabric like silk imitations will work well!

 Building the scene

Depending on what style of photograph you are looking to do, you want to make sure your candle is focused. Taller items are placed further back, and smaller objects in front. Then add more texture elements, like pieces of soy wax, flowerpetals, wood, or smaller stones/crystals.

To add a more pop effect of these elements, you want to choose elements with a sturdy shape, like perfect round shapes, as a contrast to softer elements like linen backdrops or «curved by nature» elements! 

For flat lays, decide on a messy or organized option. Lay flat taller elements, and start to puzzle. Doing this on the floor helps to have a look at the results of your puzzle. Moving around the elements until you find that perfect frame takes some practice, but when it is done, it’s done! 

When you are doing these shots, make sure you take advantage of your beautiful setup and switch some elements out to create a new one! The best thing about shooting candles is you get to watch that lovely candlelight and smell the lovely scents of your lovely candles.  Go to @scandinavian_candle for more tips and tricks to that perfect product photography.

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